Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

We make it simple

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

We make it simple


Compliance affects every organization

Compliance affects every healthcare organization

only 40%

of organizations are prepared for an audit


of executives call better compliance management a "high priority"

only 34%

of organizations report that their compliance training efforts are effective


Healthcare organizations of all sizes are being challenged to deliver quality patient care while maintaining compliance, all at the lowest possible cost. However, compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. Cornerstone makes compliance simple with modern tools that help you deliver critical training to the right people, and easily report on results when it matters most. 

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Check out these additional resources to find out what you've been missing or schedule an introductory call.

Ready to learn more?

Check out these additional resources to learn more about compliance or schedule an introductory call to speak with one of our experts.

Compliance: is it a box you check or a culture you develop? In this webianr recording you'll learn how to make compliance part of your culture strategy – and how HR leaders can start taking action today.  
Why Security Matters


Take this 2-minute course to learn about the importance of keeping information secure online.
In this webinar recording, Dr. Summer Salomonsen, Head of Content Studios, and Dr. Tom Tonkin, Principal, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services for Cornerstone OnDemand, address several emerging areas as it pertains to compliance as a growth strategy.

What Are the Common Workplace Safety Hazards?


According to federal and state law, employers must ensure their workplaces are safe for their employees. This 6 minute course will show you the safety standards that must upheld.

With Cornerstone, Hershey has created a “one-stop shop” for all learning opportunities. Employees visit one location for professional development, compliance training, and even resources on how to use a specific piece of equipment or perform a bedside procedure. 
Healthcare HR departments must meet compliance challenges with tools that offer streamlined, trackable methods for delivering the necessary learning—and ensuring that staff obtain the required certifications. Here's how a Learning Management System (LMS) for healthcare can help.

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