Together We'll Move

Together We’ll Move

With Bombardier and Cornerstone together we’ll position your company for the future.


Let Cornerstone help Bombardier drive value by aligning your business needs with talent needs

A Well-Trained Network Benefits Your Entire Value Chain

Ensure the development of future leaders
Leverage insights and predictive analytics to proactively identify internal skills & talent, attract new talent, empower & develop your team
Quickly attract and hire highly skilled employees especially in emerging markets to expand business activities
We make it easy to promote your brand, tailor your message, and nurture top talent with our modern Recruiting approach
Ensure ability to retain and motivate highly skilled employees, including those involved in R&D and manufacturing
Leverage a modern learning experience to drive a culture of engaged employees to attract top talent
Develop critical skills to ensure the effective execution of the company's business strategy
Stay ahead of compliance requirements with dynamic reporting & learning modalities including OJT for the plant & field operations. 

Why Cornerstone?

Our service and support levels are unmatched as we find a personalized experience that works for your organization. We’re proud of our 95% client retention rate and we believe our success as a business depends on your success in getting value from our solutions.

Unlike some of our competitors Cornerstone is a singular organic solution which focuses on innovation. While a “single vendor approach” sounds like a good choice, the lack of integration between acquired cloud HR products can be problematic.


Cornerstone Partners

We bring incredible value to our clients and elevate HR and Learning professionals worldwide through our quality partner ecosystem. Just to name a few:


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