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Technical skills are out, behavioral skills are in

Josh Bersin recently coined the term “PowerSkills”, referring to the set of behavioral skills that employees will need to continuously develop in order to thrive in the next era of work. And more and more executives are tending to agree, with behavioral skills surpassing technical skills as most critical in the 2018 IBM Institute for Business Value Global Country Survey. ​
Now is the time to equip yourself with the PowerSkills you need to tackle today’s challenges and successfully navigate the next era of work. To help, we’ve unlocked some of the most popular Cornerstone Content Anytime courses from 2019 and 2020 and have made them available to you for free for a limited time.​​

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How to have better conversations, give effective feedback, and talk change.

TED  |  11 MIN

10 ways to have a better conversation

Celeste Headlee has worked as a radio host for decades, and she knows the ingredients of a great conversation. In this insightful talk, she shares 10 useful rules for having better conversations.

Give employees ongoing feedback

Learn the elements of effective feedback, including best practices for giving feedback and creating a feedback-friendly environment.

Communicate a change to your team

Learn how to pivot in response to changes that arise in projects, with guidance on communicating the change and handling resistance. *Note: this course has been formatted for desktop viewing.*


How to create a high performing team, inspire action, and lead through transformation. 

TED  |  18 MIN

How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership -- starting with a golden circle and the question: "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King Jr., the Wright brothers, and more.
CSOD Originals: Plan Z  |  2 MIN

Make some space to motivate

Gen Z is a major and emerging segment. Using an Axe campaign as an example, we examine how you can motivate your newest workforce by inviting them to participate at your organization. *Note: this course has been formatted for desktop viewing.*
TED  |  13 MIN

5 ways to lead in an era of change

Organizational change expert Jim Hemerling thinks adapting your business in today's constantly-evolving world can be invigorating. He outlines five imperatives, centered around putting people first, for turning company reorganization into an empowering task for all.

Time Management

How to conquer distractions, reduce workplace stress, and efficiently organize your days. 


Brain bites: time management

Take back your day. Learn how to reduce distractions and focus on priorities to get more done.
TED  |  12 MIN

How to gain control of your free time

Time management expert Laura Vanderkam has discovered that many of us drastically overestimate our commitments each week, while underestimating the time we have to ourselves. She offers a few practical strategies to help find more time for what matters to us.

Conquer distractions

Every digital distraction can cost you 20 minutes of productivity. Learn how to minimize your distractions at work to get more done.*Note: this course has been formatted for desktop viewing.*
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