Emotional intelligence

How to focus on and increase your people's EQ using psychological science techniques. 

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Raise your emotional intelligence

2 MIN  |  BigThink
In this lesson, Whole Foods co-founder John Mackey explores the meaning of emotional intelligence and how you can develop the quality in yourself. He also shares why he valued emotional intelligence over cognitive intelligence when selecting internal leaders.

Lead with compassion

3 MIN  |  BigThink
In this lesson, Daniel Goleman--the psychologist that coined the term emotional intelligence-- explores why emotionally intelligent people are more effective colleagues and leaders, able to inspire others and synchronise their efforts toward a common set of goals.

The impact of emotional intelligence

7 MIN  |  Grovo
Emotional intelligence can help you improve your job performance as well as other aspects of your life. Review what EQ has to offer to see how it can improve your life. *Note: this course has been formatted for desktop viewing.*

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Meet emotions with wisdom

5 MIN  |  Whil
This short medidtation helps you manage challenging emotions using the RAIN technique: recognize, allow, investigate, non-identify.

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