Take Courses Designed for Digital Natives

There is a disruption happening in the workplace.

Gen Z—a generation of Digital Natives—will make up more than 20% of working adults by the end of 2020. While their technology skills are unmatched, there’s a growing concern that this generation has not yet developed the interpersonal skills required to succeed in the modern workplace. 


Through a new series mobile-first nanolearning lessons, Digital Natives will learn how to communicate authentically, online and off over the course of their first year and beyond.


Sample 3 of the 27 courses:


1 MIN 38 SEC

Own Your Professional Voice

Gen Z employees are career-focused and ready to rise to any challenge, but they might not have the skills to properly communicate in a professional setting. This course deals with how new employees can communicate authentically and with professionalism.


1 MIN 40 SEC

Connect to Business Goals

Digital Natives are very ambitious. So ambitious that 75 percent of Gen Z employees surveyed by InsideOut Development said they expect to be promoted within the first year at work. We want to help them channel this determination. In this course, employees will learn how to align their work with the needs of the broader team and company as a whole.


1 MIN 51 SEC

Be Real with Your Manager

More than 75% of Gen Z employees surveyed by InsideOut Development believe receiving coaching from their manager is valuable. But giving feedback to your manager can sometimes be tricky. This course helps Digital Natives manage up by giving tips for effectively providing feedback to your boss.

Introducing DNA:

The Only Learning Content Designed

for Digital Natives

This generation is unique. That's why Cornerstone developed DNA: Digital Native Advancement.


DNA is the only content developed and designed for the influx of Digital Natives. By participating in DNA's learning path of mobile-first, nanolearning lessons, Digital Natives will learn the interpersonal skills they need to succeed throughout their first year on the job & beyond.

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