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Several vendors are struggling to find their place in the consolidated talent management market. Now is a good time to make sure your partner — and the platform you depend on — will be in the future you’re creating.
​Cornerstone is a strong, sustainable, industry-analyst recognized leader with newly enhanced scale from the recent acquisition of Saba. For approximately 6,300 clients globally, the combined organization is in a powerful position to deliver accelerated innovation​, unmatched global talent expertise​, and expanded skills, content, and talent insights.​

Evaluate your vendor

Future-ready partners should have:

A strong business foundation

Vendor viability checklist

Stability, customer satisfaction, corporate vision, and strong references are becoming
increasingly important in today’s consolidated and rapidly transforming market. If
you don’t understand your technology vendor’s experience and approach to customer success, you may be risking disappointment down the road.
Deep expertise in talent

Nucleus Research talent management technology value index

When looking for a new talent management technology vendor, it's important to determine which technology solution will deliver the most value to your organization. Learn where your vendor stacks up on Nucleus research's value index and why Nucleus says, “Cornerstone OnDemand continues to be a 'one-stop-shop' application for all facets of talent management.” 
A vision for the future

Business unbound: Strategies for the new world of work

Cornerstone is committed to helping companies take an unbound approach to business: one that’s not confined by conventions, remains open to fresh approaches, and places a premium on continuous people development. Learn more about our vision for the future and how we plan on helping organizations like yours with learning, actionable data, and workforce agility.

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