When your employees have a future, so does your company

Fuel your future with talent development

Your company's greatest differentiator is its people

What skills will they need to drive your business and their careers forward in the future? Download our future skills matrix to find out.


By 2020...

of today's skills
will be atrophied
 job roles that don't exist
today may emerge
of employee time must
be spent learning to meet
upskill / reskill demand

What makes Cornerstone unique?

Leading the talent industry for more than 20 years, we have the only HCM platform founded in learning and development
Continuous customer-driven development and market-leading innovation to develop the skills of today and tomorrow
Seamless connection and extensibility between recruiting, learning, performance, and natively-built talent management solutions

Mike Bollinger

Cornerstone, VP, GLobal Thought Leadership & Advisory Services

“We believe at Cornerstone that learning sits at the center of all things development. The employee is really looking for their employer to lead that investment, helping them with a sense of purpose and professional growth.”

By moving from transactional-focused to development-focused HCM, we help you:

Attract top talent

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Identify and prepare future leaders

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Anticipate and close skills gaps

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Improve engagement and retention

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