Ion Guidelines

Lets go

Project Tiers

Production time will begin once it's assigned to a designer.


Stakeholder is able to reuse and edit the entire template, just needs designer approval (Erica) before going live

Workflow Process

STEP 1: Decide what are the strategies and goals of your campaign?
  • Promote multiple assets
  • Event page with multiple CTAs
  • Promote single asset
  • Webinar Registration
  • Infographic
STEP 2: Choose your landing page 
STEP 3: Submit Basecamp ticket and give enough time for your page to be completed by desired date
STEP 4: Copy template to your portfolio and make copy edits as soon as possible
  • Include “EDIT” in the creative title so designers will know which one to work on
STEP 5: Assigned designer will make a copy of your creative and make design edits on their own portfolio
STEP 6: Allow up to 1 week for QA between designer, stakeholder, and online team
STEP 7: Once creative gets final approval, David will copy over the approved creative to stakeholder’s portfolio to make live