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Key capabilities for

leading in the 21st century

The Public Service Leadership Model developed by the Partnership for Public Service identifies four core values leaders must prioritize, along with the critical capabilities they must master to achieve their agencies’ missions and desired impact. We are providing these sample leadership courses to help government leaders build their skills in the key areas identified in this model. 

Becoming self-aware


The impact of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence can help you improve your job performance as well as other aspects of your life. Review what EQ has to offer and see.

Connect to your team as a leader

Leadership is more than telling your team what to do. True leaders identify a team’s values, hopes, and concerns, and relate to them. Once you’re a member of the group, you can be its best advocate.

Engaging others

CyberU  |  7 MIN

Motivating your team: How to keep morale high

Learn how to improve communication, build trust & accountability, and ensure your teams are highly motivated and engaged.

Managing conflict with skill and confidence

Gain a better understanding of why conflict arises and learn how to resolve disagreements with confidence at work and in life.

Be an inclusive leader

In this course, managers will learn how to lead an inclusive team so all members can thrive. We'll cover five tactics that you can use to create equity on your team. 

Leading change

CSOD Originals: Plan Z | 2 MIN

Map your employee's career path

Using Sally Singer's relationship with Anna Wintour, we examine four steps to helping your employees find a career path. *Note: This course has been formatted for desktop viewing.
CyberU  |  7 MIN

How to listen

Everyone hears, but few listen. Learn how you can get more out of conversations by engaging in active listening techniques.

Make some space to motivate

Gen Z is a major and emerging segment of the workforce. While your Digital Native employees are motivated, sometimes they need a little push. In this course, you'll learn tactics for motivating Digital Natives in your workplace.

Achieving results


The elements of every great coaching conversation

Having regular coaching conversations with your direct reports can do wonders for not only the quality of their day-to-day work, but also their growth and development. Learn how to lead a productive coaching session.

Use customer KPI's to provide better service

KPIs can give you great insight to your customers' goals. Analyze four steps to uncover and leverage your customers' KPIs and give them better service. *Note: this course has been formatted for desktop viewing.*

New release

Plan Z: a new content series to help you manage Gen Z 

Cornerstone Originals
According to Deloitte, Digital Natives will soon make up 20% of the workforce. Train your managers to motivate, onboard, and lead your newest workforce with a series of practical strategies.
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