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There is no doubt that Mattel is in the midst of an exciting business transformation. At the heart of this transformation will be your most valuable asset: your people. Your people will own and embrace the culture that will fuel the transition. Your people and processes must be aligned with Mattel’s strategic directive, and that’s where Cornerstone can help.

Let Cornerstone help Mattel drive value by aligning your business needs with talent needs

Attract and retain the best and brightest


Embrace a skills and growth mindset


Embody a culture of high-performance, purpose, and innovation

When we looked at how we were going to achieve our vision for the new Mattel, we recognized that we needed to fundamentally rethink how we were going to operate and drive towards a more progressive mindset that is culturally centered on performance and purpose.

Amy Thompson, Chief People Officer

Why a Unified Talent Management System?

Unified talent management systems (UTM) aren’t a luxury; they’re vital tools for efficiently managing workforce development; just five percent of those who use non-unified (disparate) systems feel they can make “timely, proactive decisions to support the workforce and business goals.”

  • Increase productivity and boost workforce skills
  • Align HR Initiatives to company strategy
  • Increase your workforce’s financial efficiency
  • Leverage technology for smarter growth

Make data-driven talent decisions


Our recruitment analytics software centralizes your data, giving you a more holistic view into your organization's recruiting processes and enabling more informed decisions.


Access more effective data with HR analytics to prove organizational impact and make important talent decisions.


Make better data-driven business decisions through talent analytics.


Unify, simplify, and harness global HR and talent data to engage employees, improve workforce reporting, and make smarter decisions that spur productivity, innovation and growth with a centralized source of real-time people data.

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