Manufacturing Talent Management Solution for Terex Corp

Improve compliance, minimize skill gaps, and recruit the next generation of manufacturers

There's an immediate need in manufacturing for highly skilled and highly educated workers, but these workers are proving to be scarce. Better employee training and development is needed, along with revised career progression models, new retention strategies, and programs to facilitate knowledge transfer from one generation to the next.


Cornerstone delivers the right tools to help manufacturers efficiently grow talent pipelines, manage staffing and competencies, improve productivity, and deliver training–all from a single, secure location.

Narrow the growing skills gap

There are currently many available jobs in the manufacturing industry, but factors such as the decline of vocational training in schools and the disconnect between technology advancement and academia have led to a workforce that lacks the skills needed to fill these positions.

By re-thinking the approach to training and creating a personalized, modern learning experience, HR leaders can begin to develop the talent they need.

Manage employee compliance training at scale

The average compliance fine in the manufacturing industry is $74,400 per incident. 
Reduce risk, be audit-ready, and account for your workforce’s compliance and productivity, today and tomorrow, with an industry-leading LMS that is robust enough to scale with your organization.

Identify, develop, and retain talent

The cost of replacing a high performing manufacturing employee is 90% to 200% of annual salary.
Maximize productivity with visibility to talent, development opportunities and retention initiatives, and increased employee satisfaction.

Attract the top candidates

Manufacturers are competing with one of the tightest labor markets in recent history. While this has been an ongoing challenge in years past, the current conditions are reaching grave proportions making it even more difficult to find talent with the right skills to fill open jobs.
Easily deliver the candidate experience required to attract even the most discerning candidate - with relevant, interactive content and timely communication.

"We're seeing employees take more initiative with Cornerstone. They're no longer waiting for the company to decide their future, and they're taking an active role in their own development."

– Patrizia Seifert, HR Strategy & Program Director

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