Preparing your organization for the Skills Economy of 2030.

Cornerstone & Institute for the Future help you map and prepare for the future skills needed to thrive in the rapidly shifting world of work.
With more than 50 years of research background, Institute for the Future maps out the five Peak Performance Zones people will need to master the Skills Economy and “get fit for what’s next.”
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90% of CEOs expect this transformation to disrupt their company. And few are prepared – just 30% think their workforce is ready with the right skills.
Make Yourself Known
Everyone is visible – just about everywhere and all the time. What matters is what you do with your visibility and how you apply the art and science of reputation management. 
Befriend the Machines
Machines are getting smarter. Some of them will work with you. Sometimes you’ll work for them – of even in them. More and more, you’ll work side by side to get things done. Everyone will need to master human-machine collaboration. 
Build Your Tribe
You’re not born into a tribe anymore. You have to build your tribe as you make your way through life. And you do it by making things together via peer production, including fashion, tools, shelters, and…well…life!
Make Sense of Complex Systems
Everything is connected – and the connections are growing minute by minute. They create feedback loops, and the loops are getting faster and faster. Making sense is all about finding your path through those loopy, complex systems.
Keep It Going
The world is going through a rough patch. Lots of people are looking for basic shelter today, but also looking ahead to tomorrow – toward building a resilient, steadier future. 
81% of CEOs said they are seeking a much broader range of skills when hiring new employees.
To excel in the Skills Economy, employees must constantly exercise their learning muscle, and companies need to empower them with the tools to build and hone those skills.
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“Every job will require some technology, and therefore we’ll need to revamp education. The K-12 curriculum is obvious, but it’s the adult retraining -- lifelong learning systems -- that will be even more important.”
– Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM