Saba Onboarding Timeline

Hey there, welcome to Saba! We know that you're on a mission to create a work experience that engages and inspires your people to bring their best to work, every day. Ready to get started? See below for your personalized journey – guided by your Saba team – so you know what you can expect over the coming days, weeks and months.

Get to know your Saba team

Meet your two key Saba contacts
Let's start by making a few introductions.


Your Sales Leader will send you a welcome email to connect you to your Implementation Lead and your Customer Success Manager.
What do they do?

Build that dream team!

Let's make it official

Signing contracts and billing setup
Once the ink is dry, our legal team will send you a counter-signed copy of your Subscription and Services Agreement. If your company uses purchase orders, be sure to send your PO number to our Finance Department at so we can include the proper reference on our invoices.
If you have any questions regarding your billing, feel free to contact our Finance Department (, they'll be happy to help you

We sweat the small stuff - in a good way!

Prepping for kick off

Get access to key resources to prepare for our kickoff call
We're sure you're excited about getting started with Saba, and we're excited too!


In fact, we've created a short welcome video to help you get to know us better! (Hi, Phil!)


Prior to the call, we recommend you review the following documents that your Implementation Lead will also send to you prior to the kickoff call:
1. Steps to prepare for your Saba implementation2. Saba implementation FAQs

Kickoff call

Where two teams become one
During the kickoff call, you'll:
  • Meet the Saba team helping you reach your goals and learn their roles
  • Introduce your team and explain their roles
  • Review with us the objectives of the project, as well as the scope and upcoming project activities
  • Identify the success criteria, governance requirements, timeline and key milestones together with the Saba team

You're almost there!

Getting down to business

The breakdown of your implementation sprints
Now that you're well acquainted with your Saba team, it's time for the functional and technical sprints. This is where we work with you to start configuring the system and loading your data.
  • We divide the work into focused, weekly sprints
  • You'll meet regularly with your Saba team to ensure that all tasks are completed and your questions get answered as we build out your system
  • We do continuous testing during the sprints to ensure there are no surprises when you go live

3... 2... 1... LAUNCH!

The final touches before you go live

You've educated your managers and employees.


You've aligned with your corporate sponsor.


You've secured buy-in from the executive team.


You've done the behind-the-scenes work with the help of a team of dedicated Saba staffers who will continue to support you along the way.


You, my friend, are ready to GO LIVE!


Our Saba Support Team will always be on standby to ensure your launch is a success!


This is a huge milestone in your organization's talent management journey, so be sure to celebrate with your team and acknowledge all those that helped get you here!

Achievement unlocked!

It's time to work like you!

The Ongoing Support You Can Expect Once You've Launched Your Saba Solution

We did it!


Your CSM is now your primary contact at Saba – they'll help you navigate and access all the services and resources available to you so that Saba can help you achieve your talent management business goals.


You'll meet with your CSM regularly so they stay informed on the progress you and your team make toward your goals. If you have any questions outside of Support, your CSM is your best starting point!


One last note: If you purchased our Saba for Life services, your consultant will be reaching out shortly to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to help expand and optimize your Saba solution over time. Our Professional Services team is always standing by to provide ongoing expertise and consulting post-launch – from technical solutions for custom integrations to complete, hands-free managed services.

Ready to learn more?
Checkout these resources to help you get started!

Welcome to Saba!

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