Do more to support your US-based employees and their families with a new program from Cornerstone — virtual one-on-one K–12 tutoring from Sylvan Learning.

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Made for working parents

Being a working parent is hard enough. Especially when your office is also a school. That's why we started the Alway Learning @Home program for Cornerstone employees. And since it's become such a huge success, we're now offering it to every one of our clients and their families. 
Cornerstone has partnered with Sylvan Learning to provide your families with virtual one-on-one academic tutoring for students in grades K–12. Certified tutors will focus on teaching your children the English and Math skills they need to succeed. 

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For every tutoring hour you purchase through Cornerstone, Sylvan will donate their services to support the education of low-income students in underserved communities through Cornerstone Foundation partners like the Boys and Girls Club.

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This is another reason why I believe in Cornerstone and the work we do. It's 'walking the walk' versus 'talking the talk'…So thanks. This is a way of standing tall and doing what's right.

Stephen Ham
RSM Global – Regional Sales Manager Global


What is Always Learning @Home?

Cornerstone has partnered with Sylvan Learning on a United States pilot program that provides your people's families with discounted virtual one-on-one certified English and Math tutoring for students in grades K–12.

How much does it cost?

We've negotiated a discounted rate with Sylvan and removed their typical minimum hours purchased tutoring requirement so that this opportunity can be affordable for everyone.


The actual cost depends on the total hours you purchase and if your company subsidizes anything on top of the discounted Cornerstone Client rate.

What's this tutoring hours match for underserved communities all about?

As part of the Always Learning @Home program, Sylvan has agreed to donate free tutoring support to families in need.

Every hour purchased using the Cornerstone discounted rate goes towards supporting the academic tutoring of low-income students in underserved communities through Cornerstone Foundation partners like the Boys and Girls Club.

What are the benefits of Sylvan Learning?

Sylvan is a longstanding Cornerstone client that shares our commitment to learning. That's why we wanted to bring the benefits of their tutoring directly to you and your families:

  • Over 40 years of experience tutoring children across all grade levels
  • Tutors are vetted and certified teachers who actively maintain their state credentials
  • Sylvan takes time during the on-boarding process to understand your child’s needs and personality so they can find a great tutor match from the start
  • But if a different teaching style is needed, parents can request a new tutor at any time
  • There is no limit to how many times a family can change tutors

How long do I have to sign up for Always Learning @Home?

To take advantage of the Cornerstone discounted rate, parents can participate in this program anytime up until August 31, 2021.

How can I bring this program to my company?

Check out the "Let's Talk" section on this page. Someone at Cornerstone is ready and waiting to answer all of your questions and help you bring Always Learning @Home to your company.

Is Always Learning @Home available outside the US?

Not at the moment.


This program will be piloted in the US and then will be evaluated for global expansion.

Are there tips or tools to help us with the rollout?


Once you sign up, you'll gain access to our full rollout support to help you customize and tailor the program to your organization. Plus we'll share plenty of lessons learned and best practices for smoothly introducing the program and getting your whole team on board.

Is Always Learning @Home available to everyone?

Not at the moment. Right now, Always Learning @Home is only available to Cornerstone clients and Cornerstone employees.  When CSOD clients opt-in to this program, Sylvan will verify employment by sending a chosen person on your HR team a weekly (or biweekly) report listing all the people who are utilizing the program at your company.
All that your HR professional has to do is verify that those people actually work at your company. It takes, at most, a minute.

Once a parent submits their contact form, how long before Sylvan contacts them?

A Sylvan representative should contact the parent within two business days to discuss their tutoring needs.
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