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As a longtime Cornerstone partner and popular provider among learning teams, TED has taken its bold, innovative ideas and made them more actionable than ever before for work. 

Sample free TED courses below for a limited time.

Turn Ideas Into Action

Every TED course offered through Cornerstone now leads learners through a light-weight, 4-step learning experience after they watch a TED video. These additional learning steps help move learners beyond awareness of an idea, to an understanding of how they can put the idea into action in their work. Additional worksheets with every course also keep the learning going. TED courses were designed to power both self-directed learning and team learning. 


The TED library on Cornerstone features top TED Talks for business, and now also includes short, engaging TED-Ed animations! 

TED Collections

TED Collections focus on 10 business-critical skills and topics. With 20 Ideas Into Action TED courses each, these collections offer the most mind-shifting TED ideas for business. 

Diversity & Inclusion
Sample Course


Sample Course


Agile Thinking
Sample Course

Topics Include:

Everyday Leadership
Focusing on Diversity & Inclusion
Powering Productivity
Unlocking Creativity
Combating Stress
Ideas for Remote Work
Workplace of the Future
Adapting to Change
Better Communication
Collaboration of the Future

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