Develop the skills that drive agility throughout uncertainty

Emerge stronger in the post-COVID reality by developing your people with 52 free courses covering 13 core skills during our #DigitalLearningEvent.

Develop the skills that drive agility throughout uncertainty

Emerge stronger in the post-COVID reality by developing your people with 52 free courses covering 13 core skills during our #DigitalLearningEvent

Your skills guide for remaining agile

The COVID-19 pandemic has surfaced the need- now more than ever- for skills that will help your workforce remain adaptive in changing environments. As we emerge from the crisis in a new digital workplace, are your employees equipped with core skills that will help your organization thrive in a "new normal?" 


As the global leader in workplace learning, we looked at anonymized data from the 40 million learners on our platform to determine the which skills organizations spent the most time training on throughout last year and during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. 


This is what we found: 13 key skills that will keep your employees productive, engaged, and agile in the midst of crisis – as well as the post-COVID reality to come. To help, we're offering 52 courses aligned to the top 13 skills for FREE. 

The 13 skills most worth learning

We’ve unlocked the most popular Cornerstone Content Anytime courses for each skill, and for a limited time, you can learn them all for free!
Supporting a Hybrid Workforce
How to prepare your people with the skills to stay productive, connected, and mentally fit while working in a partial or full remote work environment.
How to have better conversations, give effective feedback, write for business, and talk change. 
How to improve workplace happiness, reduce turnover, and elevate productivity and culture.
How to create a high performing team, inspire action, and lead through transformation. 
Personal growth
How to embrace challenges, speak up for yourself, and focus on your mental health.
Active listening
How to actively listen, improving productivity, direction setting, and team performance.
How to motivate your people to achieve more and operate effectively.
Time management
How to conquer distractions, reduce workplace stress, and efficiently organize your days.
Unconscious bias
How to improve inclusivity to increase employee satisfaction and broaden your knowledge base. 
Conflict management
How to improve culture by helping your people better deal with disputes and frustrations.
Project management
How to produce work more efficiently with agile project management fundamentals.
Emotional intelligence
How to focus on and increase your people's EQ using psychological science techniques. 
Customer service
How to effectively diffuse issues and promote customer satisfaction and retention. 
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Methodology: “The skills companies invested in this year" was determined by looking at anonymized data on the top 200 courses consumed by the millions of global learners on Cornerstone’s Learning Platform. All courses are mapped to a specific skill and subject within our Skills Taxonomy and therefore surface the top skills learners spent time consuming (i.e. learning) in 2019.  Included data from January 2019 to November 2019.
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