Digital Natives are Coming to Work.

Are You Ready? 

There is a disruption happening in the workplace.

Gen Z—a generation of Digital Natives—will make up more than 20% of working adults by the end of 2020. While their technology skills are unmatched, there’s a growing concern that this generation has not yet developed the interpersonal skills required to succeed in the modern workplace. 


If you don't have a strategy for developing this influx of Digital Natives to maximize productivity, you risk compromising business growth and innovation. 


We know how to develop Digital Natives, let us help you boost speed to contribution for this unique generation.
Sample a Digital
Native Development Path

Empower Digital Natives to Contribute More, Faster. 

While acclimating to their new workplace, Digital Natives should build the interpersonal skills that will allow them to establish themselves at work, communicate effectively with their manager, and communicate with their team.


Based on our research and best practice recommendations, here’s how a development journey should work for Digital Natives over the course of their critical first year and beyond: 

First 3 Months

The first three months at work is the essential time to learn, especially when it comes to communication. 


By three months, employees should learn how to use their professional voice, establish a relationship with their manager, and present their professional self. 

6 Months

Once they’ve got their footing, it’s time for Digital Natives to grow at their company. 
By six months, employees should learn how to better connect with coworkers, set targeted goals with their manager, and further collaborate with their team. 

1 Year and Beyond

Now that they have the tools and experience, it’s time for Digital Natives to thrive in the workplace. 
By one year, employees should learn how to build their professional brand, better accept feedback from their manager, and further connect the work they accomplish with their team to the rest of the company.

Introducing DNA:

A new generation of content, for a new generation of people

This generation is unique. That's why Cornerstone developed DNA: Digital Native Advancement.


DNA is the only content developed and designed for the influx of Digital Natives. By participating in DNA's learning path of mobile-first, nanolearning lessons, Digital Natives will learn the interpersonal skills they need to succeed throughout their first year on the job & beyond.


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