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Now, more than ever before, your organization is facing on-going disruption and change, and many of your employees feel unprepared for the radical shifts you’re undertaking.

When properly coached, managers are in a unique position to empower their teams to tap into their potential for – and create a culture of – resilience, agility, lifelong learning, and psychological flexibility, all of which can be a competitive advantage in a tumultuous marketplace.

Resilience and behavioral agility expert, Liggy Webb, understands the challenge of leading through transformative times, and she’s here to help. 

Empowering Minds With Liggy Webb
Empowering Minds With Liggy Webb
Empowering Minds With Liggy Webb

Sample Courses

Sample courses from Cornerstone’s new Original Learning Series, Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb to build strong leaders with Liggy’s Mindfit framework.

Switch it Up - Task Management in Chaos

Not all tasks are equally important or urgent. Liggy shares one of her own personal tools for task management.

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Give Your Team Space to Build Resilience

Allow your team the space to cultivate a resilient mindset. Liggy gives advice about your team's ability to grow.

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Introducing Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb

Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb is a nano-coaching learning program that offers bite-sized pieces of motivational learning including strategies, quick challenges, reflection prompts, and tips for that day. 

Each of the 16 nanocoaching lessons touch on the 5 areas of the Mindfit framework (resilient, curious, flexible, creative, kind) and the program is geared towards giving leaders the tools to build safe spaces that cultivate a Mindful culture on their team. 

This content is available exclusively through the Cornerstone Content Anytime Leadership & Management subscription.

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Empowering MindsEmpowering MindsEmpowering MindsEmpowering MindsEmpowering MindsEmpowering Minds

Learn how to deliver a successful succession plan.

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Hosted by Jeremy Spake, Principal, Strategy & Value Services, Cornerstone and Dominic Rooke-Allden, Marketing Manager, SMB EMEA, Cornerstone.


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